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The Rato Bangala School Alumni Association (RBS Alumni) maintains and enhances a highly engaged and dynamic community of alumni. RBS Alumni facilitates networking between alumni through various activities, online services and alumni events. RBS Alumni also helps promote a long-term relationship between Rato Bangala School and its alumni.


The RBS Alumni Network allows alumni to engage in a meaningful way with each other. Current students of RBS may also join to reach out to older alumni for career and college advice.


The web based forums and events organized by the Alumni Association will allow the Alumni to discuss issues and to respond to each other’s concerns and questions.


The Alumni Association will disseminate information about the school and the alumni to the alumni body. It will help keep the alumni better engaged with the school, other alumni and the larger community.

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Disclaimer: The exact form and purpose of the alumni association is still under discussion and will only be finalized when a larger number of alumni get involved.

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